Web development and expansion

Complete Build

Working on something new? I will meet with you to discuss your full-stack web development and expansion needs, and help execute your project from concept to launch.

Precision Care

Have an existing Drupal or WordPress site? I’ll quickly get up to speed and can help you renovate, troubleshoot, add new features, and grow.

To ensure that your site continues to run well, I also offer Webmaster Care Maintenance & Support plans which include monitoring and routine updates. Consider becoming a Webmaster Care client to benefit from a longer relationship before, during, and after any big planned projects.


Complete Build and Precision Care differ mainly in the scope of the overall project. Web development and expansion services can include:

  • Technical Architecture (choosing and configuring the right platform)
  • Information Architecture (planning out your types of content)
  • User Personas (understanding your site stakeholders’ needs)
  • Site Building (putting it all together)
  • Responsive Theming (making it look and function well on all devices)
  • Content Migration (bringing your stuff over from an old website)
  • Data Integration (incorporating info from outside sources)
  • CMS Configuration (setting up user permissions, automated tasks)
  • Custom Development (tweaking some functionality or layouts)
  • DevOps (setting up a development/testing environment)
  • Site Audit (checking to make sure things are working well)
  • Usability testing (are users happy with your site?)
  • Software Updates (benefit from the latest versions and security)
  • Training (helping you take control of your content)
  • Features and Growth (implementing new features and architecture)
  • Support Tickets (troubleshoot and resolve larger issues or specific improvements)

Crafting and Sustaining Robust and Growing Websites