• Ben Harris Web Development

    noun   |   /bɛn ˈhɛr∙ɪs wɛb dɪ∙ˈvɛl∙əp∙mənt/
    1. method of speaking your voice on the web
    2. freelancer who speaks your language

    I support you and your work by building robust and growing websites, managing content, migrating data, handling upgrades, and facilitating daily operations.

    I got started as a web developer by “rolling my own” in the mid 90s. Personal interests led to other sites that garnered national attention. Fast forward a few years, and now I prefer to work for you; especially community-oriented non-profits, educational organizations, and small businesses.

    In mixed company, I’ll admit to occasionally “dreaming in Drupal”, but if WordPress is a better fit, I’ll build that for you as well – I can help you go from one platform to the other, import and integrate content from legacy sources, and let you focus on the message, not the move.

  • Glottus

    noun   |   /ˈglɒ∙tɪs/
    personal variant of glottis
    1. the opening at the upper part of the larynx, between the vocal cords.
    2. the webspace of <Ben Harris Web Development />.

/bɛn ˈhɛr∙ɪs wɛb dɪ∙ˈvɛl∙əp∙mənt/