I specialize in building and sustaining robust and growing websites using Drupal and WordPress. I have the experience to guide you through your project.


Consider becoming a Webmaster Care Maintenance & Support client to benefit from a longer relationship before, during, and after any big planned projects.

Web Development

Complete Build

  • Crafting a new website from concept
  • Building a site from a designer’s documentation
  • Migrating an older website to Drupal or WordPress, making it more secure and easier to edit

Precision Care

  • Adding new features and functionality
  • Expanding or updating content areas
  • Resolving support tickets on an existing Drupal or WordPress website

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Maintenance & Support

  • Ongoing maintenance and security updates
  • Upgrading the software running your website
  • Training and mentoring of your website contributors

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I enjoy projects that allow me to develop new skills. Here are some of the ways that I’ve served while learning in the process.


While working as a web developer and technical assistant at the University of Minnesota, I completed a CompTIA A+ Hardware/Software certification course to provide first-tier user support, attended regular meetings of network professionals to stay on top of security concerns and technology advancements, and joined the association of communications employees.

I produced videos and other multimedia materials for a variety of environments, completing several post-secondary courses in Instructional Design as a way to develop my understanding of user experience and project management at the same time.

Managing a website with over 10,000 individual pages without the benefit of a Content Management System (CMS), such as the then-fledgling Drupal, made me intimately aware of the challenges they can resolve.

Therefore, I sought out my next job as an opportunity to learn this new tool, working to migrate content from an older custom platform while building out the community website and training users as editors and contributors. I also helped conduct usability testing sessions as we prepared to launch.

Since then, as an independent consultant, I have conducted workshops and tailored training sessions, helped migrate organizations to new web hosting and communications tools, and worked with users of all levels of technical comfort and expertise.

I’ve extracted, transformed, and loaded external data into Drupal and WordPress, using XML parsing tools, shell scripting, and customized databases. I have converted large complex sites from static files and outdated platforms, and assisted with ongoing server maintenance and security.

Crafting and Sustaining Robust and Growing Websites