About Me


Doc-standing-treeMy background with design and development of websites includes a strong focus on managing multiple specialty websites for non-profits and small businesses. I focus on development of sites using the best practices of semantic markup, CSS-based design, cross-browser compatibility, and user-friendly interfaces. I do this whether implementing a site with a content management system such as Drupal (customizing themes and modules as necessary) or through hand-coded pages and scripts. I have also taken several courses within the University of Minnesota’s M.Ed program in learning technologies and instructional design, with a core specialization in multimedia design and development.

As a web development and management consultant, I have assisted clients with evaluating their technology needs and resources, working to improve their presence on the Internet. For example, I migrated the Twin Cities Public Television corporate intranet to Drupal, driven by a need for content editing features, calendars, interactive directories, enhanced navigation, and easier organization of resources. I prepared the existing static content for data migration, and assessed the communication needs of employees through interviews and internal reports, then evaluated and developed the new tools. My role also involved documenting the new features and conducting training sessions to ensure user acceptance of the final product.

I have helped the Science Museum of Minnesota’s exhibits division with the expansion of interactive features and updated web content. I have provided user support and troubleshooting for other clients while reviewing and enhancing their various websites and working to prepare them for web standards compliance and future e-commerce activity.

At the Center for Victims of Torture, I designed and implemented an award winning online community for human rights advocates. This Drupal project was launched as a blogging/communications tool for members worldwide, as well as a public research and education environment. I tested this platform during two face-to-face training workshops in the U.S.A. and Liberia, collaborated on usability assessments, and maintained relationships with contracted development specialists. I migrated the extensive previous website to the new content management system, administrated the site configuration, and resources, and collaborated with project staff to drive content development and moderation.

As the Web Developer and Technical Coordinator for the Human Rights Center at the University of Minnesota Law School, I used Dreamweaver to coordinate, manage, and improve several large interrelated program websites. The Human Rights Library, for example, has multiple content authors, contains over 23,000 documents and receives more than 200,000 monthly visitors. As part of a new K-12 curriculum initiative, I designed a resource repository for classroom educators and worked collaboratively on interactive learning objects, including a Flash-based tool to help teachers create lesson plans relating to human rights.

And on the personal side…

/bɛn ˈhɛr∙ɪs wɛb dɪ∙ˈvɛl∙əp∙mənt/