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What did they need?

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden staff wanted some major changes to important areas of their site, and also had a backlog of issues that they wanted help troubleshooting. The sought to develop a relationship with a developer who could help with occasional projects as they arose.

What did I do?

I rebuilt the Classes & Events section of the site to streamline listings and offer search/filter functionality. I also updated the problematic modules and provided additional assistance with their customized membership registration/commerce form, squashing bugs that had been vexing them for a while.

Over the next several years, I've helped enable CloudFlare for performance improvements, assisted with the upgrade to PHP 7, and integrated third-party SMTP and mailing list handling.

Who did I work with?

I worked directly with the Information Resource Steward.

What did I learn?

This was the first site where I used the platform, including integration with Terminus and Lando for localhost control.

Technology used:Responsible for:

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