Jola Publications

What did they need?

Jola Publications, a small firm, put out a quarterly newspaper which they also published online. In-house staff was focused on the print versions and needed assistance with regular content updates and website maintenance. Additionally, an existing custom business directory feature needed some fixes to search and data import functions.

What did I do?

I combed through the static pages and previous issues of the online newspaper to clean up HTML markup, and then created web templates to ease future content updates. I moved much of the formatting into CSS to further ease the maintenance of the site and control consistency. I also worked with FileMaker Pro (the in-house data source), XML, a custom PHP import script, and implemented an additional database management tool to improve data migration functions and to allow staff to continue making updates and corrections themselves.

What did I learn?

I got a chance to dive into XSLT for the XML data migration from FileMaker Pro, but ended up going with other solutions. That left me with an interest in future XML data projects, however.

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