Mentor Buzz

A partnership program to boost STEM involvement by paring mentors with students and enabling them to interact through the website.

Science Museum of Minnesota

What did they need?

The Science Museum of Minnesota received a grant to build new functionality into their popular existing Science Buzz website. New features were desired to allow mentor/student pairs to explore themes of science together and interact online.

What did I do?

I assembled and tested modules in a development environment that would enhance the profiles that website users could use to describe themselves. I implemented a personal tracker of posts and comments made, and connectivity between stated interests and existing website content. I also created ways for users to automatically link their profiles with their partners.

Who did I work with?

I worked as part of a larger team including members of the Science Museum staff as well as external partners and stakeholders in the project.

What did I learn?

This was a good opportunity to learn to work within a developer team using tools like SVN, issue queues, and wiki-based documentation.


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