University of Minnesota Human Rights Center  |  Human Rights Library

What did they need?

The Human Rights Library is a rapidly growing collection of documents from multiple sources, all researched and added by various scholars. The intended audience includes users from around the world with no predictable access to technology. They needed a coordinator to help manage resources and improve accessibility of the website.

What did I do?

I increased the use of templates and server-side includes to improve consistency of the site. I cleaned up HTML markup to bring static pages into better alignment with web standards and enhance download speed and appearance on a wider variety of browsers and mobile devices.

Who did I work with?

I used Dreamweaver and Contribute to coordinate access/editing control with multiple content writers.

What did I learn?

This was an in-depth introduction to the issues that arise when multiple developers have contributed to or continue to add content to a website built without a content management system.


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