About Me

…the personal side

Doc-running-treeWorking as a contract-based consultant has really opened up opportunities to develop other skills and interests. Historically a language geek, I spend a lot of time surrounded by books, but that doesn’t completely fill my days. Other activities include gardening, house maintenance projects, camping, bread baking, and lately some community involvement in the form of a campaign to establish a dog park in SW Minneapolis.

My wife and I joined the rest of the Kingfield Dogpark task force in November 2009. Since then, the days have gotten busy with planning meetings, outreach, event promotion, even a video interview for the SW Journal. I’ve volunteered time by editing vector maps of the proposed off-leash areas, walking streets and greeting people, and posting fliers. That quickly grew into presenting to the regional business association, drafting language of support adopted by the Kingfield Neighborhood association, writing letters and communicating with local council members and park commissioners, working with park planning staff, and collaborating on formal project proposals and presentation materials. I also play an active role in informing our Facebook friends on our progress, organizing and broadening our support, and encouraging action among our base.

About me professionally…

/bɛn ˈhɛr∙ɪs wɛb dɪ∙ˈvɛl∙əp∙mənt/